What should chronic hepatitis diet pay attention to

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Chronic hepatitis refers to acute hepatitis B, acute hepatitis C, the course of more than half a year, and chronic hepatitis. Do you need to eat separately from these people when you eat in order to avoid infection? So what should chronic hepatitis diet pay attention to? Now let's take a look.

What should chronic hepatitis diet pay attention to

First, carrots. It is mild in nature, sweet and pungent in taste, rich in vitamin A (carotene) and volatile oil. This product is nutritious, can be eaten raw or cooked. It can improve the vitamin a level of patients with liver disease and indirectly prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Secondly, beans, rich in phytohemagglutinin, can activate the function of T lymphocytes and other immune cells in the human body, and are very effective in enhancing the immune ability and assisting the treatment of hepatitis B.

Finally, cabbage, namely cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, is mild in nature and sweet in taste. It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and also contains carotene and vitamin E. it is effective for stomach and duodenal ulcer and pain.

matters needing attention

Diet should pay attention to collocation, can not blindly eat a single food. The attributes of each kind of food are different, so we need to choose the food which is complementary to our own constitution.