What dish does chronic pharyngitis eat good

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A lot of people say that medicine is three times poisonous, so many people will not take medicine or get a sling when they have a minor illness. Such as cold, pharyngitis. We all think that dietotherapy can be cured. In fact, this method is OK, but we must eat scientifically. Most of the diseases come from people's bad habits. In order to cure these minor diseases, we also need strict diet and work and rest every day. Chronic pharyngitis, sounds very scary, but this disease is only a minor disease, there are ways to treat it. Therefore, patients with chronic pharyngitis in the daily diet to eat more beneficial to alleviate the disease. Now I'm going to tell you what vegetables to eat for patients with chronic pharyngitis

What dish does chronic pharyngitis eat good

Wax gourd: wax gourd can be found all year round. It is one of the favorite melons and vegetables. Wax gourd has large water capacity, tender meat, light and refreshing, and has the advantages of heat clearing, detoxification, heat removal and diuresis. It is an excellent vegetable in summer and autumn. It is sweet, cool and non-toxic in nature. It has a good adjuvant treatment effect on arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, edema, abdominal distension and other diseases. It can also clear the heat toxin of sore throat.

Radish: it has the function of clearing away heat and diuresis. Radish can excrete toxins in the body. Eating more water radish is helpful for chronic pharyngitis.

Cucumber: sweet, cold, non-toxic. Melon contains pentose, vitamin B1, B2, niacin, protein, sugar. Seeds contain fatty oil. There are Qingre Lishui, detoxification anti-inflammatory, tonsillitis, pharyngitis swelling appropriate.

matters needing attention

Patients with laryngitis should speak less, try to breathe with nose, keep throat moist, keep oral hygiene, avoid cross infection of bacteria, and avoid eating too spicy, too sweet, too salty and too hot food.