What are the common symptoms of hyperthyroidism

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Hyperthyroidism is a common clinical abnormal disease of the body caused by abnormal thyroxine secretion. Hyperthyroidism is caused by excessive thyroxine secretion. In addition, patients have nerve excitement, increased appetite, increased food intake, increased frequency of defecation, enhanced metabolism of the body, and hunger often occurs. Even in severe cases, it can lead to thyroid tumor, Therefore, the need for patients to carry out more preventive work, to pay special attention to the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, timely treatment can alleviate the disease.

What are the common symptoms of hyperthyroidism

First: the attack of hyperthyroidism is related to the patient's diet and living habits. The patient will also appear emaciated and metabolic increase, but the body can't fully absorb or even don't absorb the nutrition in the food, so the patient needs to pay attention to timely treatment, otherwise it will cause body deficiency.

Second: hyperthyroidism patients also have goiter, exophthalmos and other symptoms, during the onset, the patient will feel irritable, easy to fever, emotional out of control, so it needs timely adjustment and treatment, otherwise it will cause the patient's spirit and appearance are abnormal.

Third: hyperthyroidism patients during the onset of emotional tension, anxiety, increased food consumption, and will be accompanied by digestive system abnormalities, frequent defecation, the most intuitive feeling is that the throat thyroid tissue in the constant swelling, that is, big neck disease.

matters needing attention

Hyperthyroidism patients in the clinical symptoms of the performance is still very obvious, so the need for patients to strengthen the physical examination and observation, timely discovery of hyperthyroidism, and treatment of iodine disorders, promote the recovery of thyroid.