What reason is child sleep head perspire

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Children's sweating is a kind of disease that we will definitely encounter in the process of our life. Many mothers will encounter this kind of situation when taking care of children. Some people will be surprised or indifferent. When the baby goes to bed at night, even if he covers the quilt, his head is covered with sweat. But adults don't feel hot. What is the reason that darling sleeps head perspire? Now let me introduce it to you

What reason is child sleep head perspire

First: baby sleep sweating is a common problem, many of them are weak, sick. Parents think that the baby's physical weakness, leading to more than sweating. In fact, many babies belong to physiological hyperhidrosis. Physiological hyperhidrosis often occurs in the head and neck. It will occur 30 minutes after falling asleep, and it won't sweat again after 60 minutes.

Second: the baby metabolism is exuberant, lively, sometimes even in bed will play, sleep after sweating. Physiological hyperhidrosis refers to the normal development of children, no physical problems, and is not caused by disease sweating. Parents will be used to their subjective feelings to determine the temperature of the baby, will cover the baby tightly. Baby brain nerve development is not comprehensive, is still in the stage of growth and development, body metabolism is exuberant, overheating stimulation, can only use sweating, evaporation heat, regulate body temperature.

Third: the lively and active baby exercises more during the day and has more heat, so the body can't send out the excess heat and accumulate it in the body. At night, the body temperature will be as high as 38 ℃. After going to sleep, the heat will decrease, the sympathetic sensitivity will become worse, the body will sweat, radiate heat, in order to maintain normal temperature.

matters needing attention

Baby sleep sweating may be drinking milk, malt milk and eating chocolate. After falling asleep, the body will produce a lot of heat, only the sweat of the skin can dissipate heat. Moreover, too high room temperature, excessive warmth will also lead to baby sleep sweating, these are actually physiological sweating.