How is mole sore treated

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Hemorrhoids has become the hidden injury of urban office workers. This disease will affect the life and work of patients, and also make themselves very embarrassed. In many cases, defecation will be affected. There are many kinds of treatments for this disease. The general treatment can treat hemorrhoids and bleeding by injecting a drug that can produce scar tissue and block the vein. This treatment method is called injection sclerotherapy. Large internal hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids that do not respond to injection sclerotherapy can be treated with rubber band ligation. Medical treatment is very critical, but the daily treatment and nursing can not be ignored. Now let me tell you about my experience.

How is mole sore treated

Treatment 1: there are many reasons for hemorrhoids, patients still need to have a certain examination, to determine whether they are because of the fire or because of long-term sedentary or complications caused by other diseases, after these examinations are clear, we can do further treatment.

Treatment 2: in the treatment of patients with hemorrhoids at the same time, for their own diet can not be ignored, many doctors say that the disease from the mouth, this is not unreasonable, daily life or pay attention to taboo some fried food and high calorie food, pepper also don't eat.

Treatment method 3: for hemorrhoids, in fact, the auxiliary treatment of life is a little similar to other gastrointestinal diseases. Getting on fire and staying up late may cause hemorrhoids, but no matter what the reason is, hemorrhoids patients are taboo to drink, so we should control it well during treatment.

matters needing attention

Get angry, stay up late may cause hemorrhoids, but no matter what the reason, hemorrhoids patients are taboo drinking, treatment or to control. Regular review is also very critical, daily attention should not be sedentary oh.