What does pregnant woman oral cavity ulcer eat good

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We often have oral ulcer in pregnant women. Although this disease is common, it is difficult to prevent it completely, so we should pay special attention to it in our daily life, actively prevent it, and reduce the incidence rate. Many friends have said that oral ulcer in the end what should eat, let me introduce to you what good pregnant women oral ulcer to eat.

What does pregnant woman oral cavity ulcer eat good

First, to strengthen nutrition, we should choose foods that are easy to digest, rich in calories, protein and vitamins. Such as porridge, noodles, milk, soft rice, soybean milk, eggs, lean meat, tofu and bean products.

Second: for patients with oral ulcer, their intestinal and oral digestive function is damaged. It's better not to touch the food that is not easy to digest. Eat the food that is too meat, too oil and fried. The food that is easy to digest is mainly in the diet. The meat should be fried and cooked, and the vegetables should not be half cooked.

Third: eat foods rich in vitamin A, B and C, such as fresh vegetables and fruits. These foods can enhance the body's resistance, help repair damaged tissue and promote ulcer healing.

matters needing attention

The above is the related questions about what to eat for pregnant women with oral ulcer sorted out for you today. Patients need to pay attention not to eat spicy food. Some people are born to like heavy taste food. They can't give up for a while, so they need to keep an eye on it and change it slowly. Usually the diet is based on less oil and salt, the lighter the better. Patients need to pay attention to eat mild food, not too hot and not too cold.