Initial symptoms of lung cancer?

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Lung cancer has become the first "cancer killer" in the world. The high mortality of lung cancer is mainly due to the lack of effective means of early detection. About 80% of the patients are in the middle and advanced stage at the time of initial diagnosis. For lung cancer, it must be treated in the early stage of lung cancer, which is very helpful for the recovery of the disease. Once it is in the late stage, the consequences are unimaginable. What are the initial symptoms of lung cancer? Let's talk about it.

Initial symptoms of lung cancer?

1. Chest pain. There is a certain difference in the degree of chest pain, and this difference depends not only on the severity of the disease, but also on the specific individual quality of the patient.

2. Coughing up blood. This symptom is mainly caused by the invasion of tumor cells into the bronchial mucosa, but may be due to the different quality of the patient's body and lead to different degrees of illness, and the performance of blood in sputum is not the same. With the aggravation of the disease, once the tumor cells infiltrate into the blood vessels, it will cause massive hemoptysis, and even endanger the life of the patient.

3. Clubbing fingers. The early common symptoms of lung cancer may also appear clubbing finger, which means that the first segment of the toe becomes hypertrophy, the nail will also be protuberant and curved, and often accompanied by pain, which is also an early symptom of lung cancer that can not be ignored.

matters needing attention

What is the early symptom of lung cancer? What we should pay attention to is that we must give up the bad habit of smoking and drinking, keep the regular living habits, drink more water, and actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment.