How is fatty liver treated

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In our life, there are many people suffering from fatty liver disease. Now there are too many temptations in urban life, and there are also many civilized diseases. It is because of eating and drinking too much, drinking too much and other bad lifestyle, and the incorrect work and rest habits of patients cause fatty liver. How to treat fatty liver? Let me talk about it.

How is fatty liver treated

First: First: fatty liver patients should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables (such as apples, green vegetables, carrots, oranges, etc.), should avoid eating high-fat, high cholesterol, high calorie food.

Second: Second: patients should take appropriate physical exercise and leisure activities every day (such as walking, cycling, painting, sports activities, playing badminton, etc.) to enhance the body's blood circulation and disease resistance.

Third: Third: must not drink, because excessive drinking will lead to high liver function index, will easily become alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis.

matters needing attention

Usually we must pay attention to the diet, do not eat spicy food. Don't touch each other with pungent smell. Appropriate outdoor aerobic breathing exercise. Also eat more vitamin rich food, fresh fruits and vegetables. Enhance the resistance against bacteria.