The infection route of condyloma acuminatum

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Some time ago, my cousin was going to be pregnant. Before that, I wanted to go with her to have a physical examination to see if her constitution was suitable. But when we saw the results, we were very surprised. I don't know what she was infected with condyloma acuminatum. Today, let me talk about the infection route of condyloma acuminatum.

The infection route of condyloma acuminatum

First: condyloma acuminatum can not only be transmitted through sexual contact, but also through the indirect contact of towel, bathtub and underwear contaminated with the virus. Only complete recovery can completely cut off the source of infection. At present, the treatment of condyloma acuminatum is divided into two steps. The first step is to remove the wart body. The second step is to prevent recurrence. It is easy to remove the wart body for external use, or laser, freezing. The recurrence rate of condyloma acuminatum is very high. The key to correct treatment is to prevent recurrence.

Second: the main route of transmission of condyloma acuminatum is sexual transmission, indirect infection for the sharing of towel, bath towel and other items, but the general possibility of indirect infection is not big, unless the resistance is very low when the possibility of infection is relatively large, if there is no sexual behavior, only sleep in a bed, the possibility of infection is not big, but if the diagnosis is condyloma, it is recommended that as soon as possible Treatment, can be external health care, or hospital surgery.

Third: condyloma acuminatum, is caused by human papillomavirus skin and mucous membrane benign vegetations, mainly through sexual contact infection, a few through indirect contact infection, to pay attention to personal hygiene, frequently change underwear, fasting spicy food, if it is redundant prepuce caused by repeated attacks, the best line circumcision, so as to put an end to the occurrence of balanitis prepuce See a doctor, the hospital of a bit bigger looks for male division to examine genital organ, so more at ease.

matters needing attention

Therefore, we must pay attention to the protection measures in the couple's life. At the same time, both sides should avoid life chaos, clean themselves, change their underwear frequently, improve their diet structure, and avoid some spicy food.