What symptom does follicular inflammation have

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We all know that folliculitis, as the name suggests, actually means that the patient's hair follicle is inflamed. Sometimes the patient's whole hair follicle is infected by bacteria, so the patient's hair follicle has suppurative inflammation. The patient's folliculitis will have red papules at the beginning of the attack, but with the attack of the disease, these papules will gradually deteriorate into papular pustules, and Sometimes abscess is scattered in isolation, and they will feel a mild pain. Folliculitis is the need for active treatment, so what are the symptoms of folliculitis? Now I'll take you to know about it.

What symptom does follicular inflammation have

First: the beginning of folliculitis is symptomatic, patients and their own hair follicle mouth consistent with the red papules, and papules are substantial, some patients with folliculitis itself will appear follicular pustules, and the condition will deteriorate quickly, patients will have papular pustules appear, the middle of the abscess is through the hair symptoms.

Second: folliculitis in patients with papular pustules around not only the red halo, and the red halo itself has inflammation. Abscess wait until dry after scab, need a week when these scab fall off on behalf of folliculitis. But severe patients will have a tendency to relapse. Patients should not drink.

Third: folliculitis generally does not leave scars. But if patients with folliculitis have a large number of rashes, they will feel pain. And folliculitis is more hairy position attack, and in fact adults are more prone to attack, some children have folliculitis, more prone to head.

matters needing attention

Folliculitis needs active treatment. It can be treated with antibiotics. It is suggested that patients should not eat spicy food during treatment, and neomycin ointment can be applied locally for treatment.