What tea treats constipation

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I have a very good sister, I met when I was in college, she is very cute, very cute, eyes are very big, singing is also very good. Usually, she can laugh and bring us a lot of happiness, but she has a very troubling problem, which is that she is very constipated, not once or twice, but often. This has been a problem for many years. She was often alone and upset about it. So, we must be very concerned about constipation, how should we do better. Because everyone wants to have a healthy body. What tea treats constipation below.

What tea treats constipation

First: the performance of constipation, constipation people understand is very simple. People without constipation don't know how painful it is to be constipated. I believe in the crowd, there should be a lot of people have constipation such a situation. Constipation refers to the reduction of the number of defecation, sometimes only two or three times a week.

Second: This is not a very distressing problem, and the stool is dry and astringent. It's usually hard to pull. Most of the patients with constipation have a bloated stomach and a poor appetite. Some people have a serious problem, even defecate only once a week. Then, this is a serious situation.

Third: when defecation meets constipation, it is really a very distressing thing. Under normal circumstances, it is supposed to defecate once a day, but when encountering this kind of situation, it will lead to the persistent stool remaining in the body. Over time, the large intestine absorbs nutrients from the feces. For example, many people have bad skin color and many skin problems, which are all caused by constipation.

matters needing attention

Generally speaking, in the ordinary diet, you can choose more vegetables, some fruits, some beans and other foods with vitamins and more cellulose. Then you should eat less spicy and irritating foods, such as pepper, mustard, ginger and wine.