What symptom does malign gastric cancer have

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Now there are more and more people suffering from malignant gastric cancer. My grandfather is 67 years old this year. All the time, my grandfather has the habit of drinking and smoking every day. But a few years ago, he was found to have high blood pressure, so my grandfather has been under control. But in recent months, my grandfather always feels that there are obvious signs of discomfort in his stomach, and he has a good appetite Sometimes I feel nauseous and nauseous after eating. We thought it was just gastritis. We didn't expect to find my grandfather suffering from malignant gastric cancer after going to the hospital for examination. Can gastric cancer be cured? Here's how to introduce it to you.

What symptom does malign gastric cancer have

First: usually lead to patients with gastric cancer disease and patients with long-term bad diet has a great relationship, usually fresh vegetables and fruits, beans and other food has a defensive effect on gastric cancer, if patients in the daily diet of such food intake less, then the risk of suffering from gastric cancer will increase.

Second: once the patient has the disease of malignant gastric cancer, the specific treatment depends on the degree of the disease. And early gastric cancer patients, through professional treatment, the probability of recovery can be as high as 80%. However, for patients with advanced stage, the cure rate is relatively low, and the probability of survival within five years is only about 3%.

Third: in addition to actively cooperating with doctors for treatment, patients should also pay special attention to their diet. They can eat soft rice as much as possible, and their staple food and side dishes should be rich in nutrition, easy to digest food, avoid raw and cold food, fried in oil, hot and sour food, etc. If there is disgust and abdominal distension after eating, eating should be suspended.

matters needing attention

It is suggested that patients should keep a good attitude in their daily life to avoid excessive mental tension and anger. In addition, they should follow the rules of life, strengthen exercise, limit tobacco, alcohol and stimulating food (pepper, green onion, garlic, etc.), and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.