Symptoms of breast cancer during lactation

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I believe that breast cancer should be familiar to all of us. In fact, breast cancer in lactation is also very easy to appear, generally because pregnant women in pregnancy may have sexual activity, physiological process in the inattentive time, cause breast cancer, breast cancer disease may cause great threat to life, breast cancer symptoms during lactation, I'll tell you about.

Symptoms of breast cancer during lactation

The incidence of breast feeding women is relatively high, the main data also need to be around 5%, and now there are some clinical evidence also decreased, mainly in the physiological cycle of women with a higher incidence rate, and basically is the risk of maternal age, so the elderly maternal avoid inoculation.

Acute mastitis. At the beginning, you will feel that the boundary of the breast mass is in a kind of fuzzy texture, and the skin color of the breast has also begun to change, and the systemic manifestations of acute inflammation will also appear redness, swelling, and heat pain, etc., which can be seen from the general diagnosis.

Breast fibroadenoma. This disease is basically found after pregnancy, and there is no proper way to deal with it, which leads to the phenomenon of mammary gland enlargement in women during lactation, thus leading to the occurrence of breast disease and the spread of cancer cells.

matters needing attention

If you want to choose the treatment period, you must first stop breast-feeding, and then start breast-feeding within a week. After breast-feeding, you can carry out surgery and chemotherapy. Now many data show that the prognosis is poor, in fact, it does not affect the treatment effect.