Diabetic polyuria?

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The occurrence of diabetes will induce other diseases, but the difficulty of treatment is very high. After all, it is easy to relapse. For example, type 2 diabetic ophthalmopathy is one of them. If the patient suffers from this disease without active treatment, when the condition worsens, it may lead to blindness. What this kind of disease needs most is diet conditioning, so let's talk about how diabetic patients urinate more?.

Diabetic polyuria?

Visual impairment: diabetes can cause complications in all parts of the eye, and even a series of symptoms of diabetes, such as vision loss, blackness and blindness.

Emaciation: decrease of glucose utilization, increase of fat decomposition, insufficient protein synthesis, accelerated decomposition, etc. all cause emaciation. If there is polyuria, the loss of water in the body will aggravate the symptoms of emaciation. Similarly, the longer the course of disease, the higher the blood sugar: the more serious the disease, the more obvious the weight loss. This is also a symptom of diabetes.

If the drug is stopped prematurely, it will lead to the recurrence of diseases, especially urination, sexual dysfunction: diabetes causes vascular, nervous system diseases and psychological disorders, such as male impotence, female sexual indifference, irregular menstruation and other sexual dysfunction. This is one of the symptoms of diabetes.

matters needing attention

Dietotherapy is the basis of the treatment of diabetes, which emphasizes the timing, ration and balanced diet. The amount of food is determined according to the specific situation of patients, there are individual differences, not all patients are required to reduce the amount of food. For example, some obese patients with mild symptoms can achieve satisfactory blood glucose levels without drugs after diet control, while some patients need to cooperate with drug treatment. In order to control blood sugar, if patients blindly reduce staple food, or even do not eat staple food, it will inhibit the secretion of endogenous insulin, which is not conducive to the treatment of diabetes. At the same time, it can also cause malnutrition, reduce the patient's resistance, easy to co infection, accelerate the occurrence and development of complications. Therefore, patients with diabetes should follow the doctor's advice, reasonable diet, not only to ensure the needs of the body, but also not to increase the burden of islets, so as to effectively control diabetes.