What is the best treatment for hernia in the elderly

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From time to time, when I went to the hospital with my grandfather, it seemed that he had a colic, and I always found that his leg was not comfortable. Today, let me learn with you what is the best treatment for hernia in the elderly.

What is the best treatment for hernia in the elderly

Treatment 1: conservative treatment: conservative treatment mainly includes drug therapy and hernia band therapy. Drug therapy: can alleviate the symptoms of hernia, but can not control hernia prolapse, more can not cure hernia. Hernia band therapy: it can quickly prevent herniation, effectively prevent the development of hernia, relieve abdominal distension, abdominal pain, constipation and other symptoms caused by hernia.

Treatment 2: the best treatment for middle-aged and elderly patients with hernia is minimally invasive interventional therapy without surgery. The abdominal wall of middle-aged and elderly patients with hernia has lost its elasticity and become weaker. In addition, the physical quality of patients is generally weak, accompanied by other complications. Therefore, the operation risk is greatly increased.

Treatment 3: non operative treatment of hernia is slow, which has a positive effect on preventing the development of hernia. Mild hernia can be treated with non-surgical treatment. Because the functions of human tissues gradually fade with age, it is really difficult to strengthen them by themselves. The middle-aged and old people can choose adjuvant therapy.

matters needing attention

Some hernia patients blindly expect hernia self-healing. If we use our own medicine or folk prescription for treatment, the condition of hernia will be delayed, the best time for treatment will be missed, and more serious harm will be brought to the patients, which needs to be paid more attention.