How to treat recurrent allergic purpura

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In the past two years, I have suffered from allergic purpura, accompanied by abdominal pain and joint swelling and pain. The joint swelling and pain will shift, sometimes I have no appetite, sometimes I will vomit. Now after medication, the symptoms have improved significantly. I'm so happy. Now let me talk to you about how to treat recurrent allergic purpura.

How to treat recurrent allergic purpura

Treatment 1: find and remove the inducement, avoid suspicious food and drugs; clear the infection focus, can be appropriate application of antibiotics.

Treatment 2: moderate dose of corticosteroids or immunosuppressants can be given to patients with severe skin damage and allergic purpura or joint or abdominal purpura.

Treatment 3: Traditional Chinese medicine treatment: the treatment plan of traditional Chinese medicine is aimed at this disease, which belongs to the category of macular disease. Due to the external attack of wind heat or damp heat and the fight of Qi and blood, it causes heat to damage the vein, makes the blood not follow the meridian, overflows outside the vein and remains in the skin. The treatment should be based on the principle of dispersing wind, clearing heat, cooling blood and removing blood stasis.

matters needing attention

Here I would like to give you a warm reminder: remove the possible allergens, but the cause of allergy is often difficult to determine. Avoiding contact with allergens can only avoid common possible allergens. Common allergens can be found through laboratory tests; parents' observation in life is also very important, such as insect bites, pollen, chemicals, paint, gasoline, dust mites, etc.