What medicine does chronic bronchitis cough take

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It's very common for the elderly to suffer from chronic bronchitis, so we always suggest that the elderly friends do a good job in the prevention of chronic bronchitis. In fact, it's not difficult to prevent chronic bronchitis. We only need to have regular eating habits, do proper physical exercise, quit smoking and maintain good environmental hygiene at home, and know how to promote expectoration, and get this disease It's better to go to the hospital for timely treatment. Let's talk about what medicine to take for chronic bronchitis cough.

What medicine does chronic bronchitis cough take

Drug 1: lung heat cough: the main symptoms are cough, phlegm is too thick, difficult to cough up, thirsty, red face, irritability, constipation, short urine. The treatment should be clearing lung and resolving phlegm. Optional drugs: xianzhuli, Juhong tablet, Chuanbei Zhike dew, Zhisou Dingchuan oral liquid or Zhuli Huatan pill, etc.

Drug 2: Qi deficiency cough: the main symptoms are weak cough, thin sputum, white cough, shortness of breath and chest tightness. The treatment should be tonifying the lung, resolving phlegm and relieving cough. Optional drugs: Renshen Baofei pill, Yupingfeng powder, etc.

Drug 3: Yin deficiency cough: the main symptoms are persistent cough, dry cough, less phlegm or blood in sputum, accompanied by emaciation, dry mouth, dry throat, hoarseness, hot flashes, night sweats, chest pain, red tongue, less moss, pulse count, etc. The treatment should be nourishing yin and moistening lung, resolving phlegm and relieving cough. Optional drugs: Yangyin Qingfei pill, Baihe Gujin pill, Gejie Yangfei pill, etc.

matters needing attention

According to climate change, we should increase or decrease clothing appropriately for children, not to wear too much. Because keep warm too much, can make the child body temperature regulation ability drop, reduce resistance, but not conducive to the recovery of cough. Dirty air is the cause of children's cough. To avoid excessive indoor personnel; kitchen fumes, indoor smoke, can make children respiratory tract mucosa congestion, edema, aggravating cough; parents should ban smoking, often open doors and windows ventilation, keep indoor air fresh.