What tea do women drink for constipation

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Girl constipation for every woman is undoubtedly a very painful thing, in addition to medical treatment, winter constipation in the daily diet should also pay more attention. For example, pay attention to eat more food, can effectively defecate and detoxify. Let's have a detailed understanding of what tea women drink for constipation.

What tea do women drink for constipation

First: eat more roughage food: eat less refined food and eat more natural food: today's food contains a lot of additives, so the more natural and unprocessed food, the less burden and damage to the body, such as roughage, beans and yeast. Eating these self cooked and non packaged foods can restore the tension of the intestinal tract, increase B vitamins, and also prevent diarrhea Constipation. Eat more fruits and vegetables: fruits and vegetables such as bananas can moisten the intestines and defecate, and apples and other high fiber content can increase the volume of defecation, thus promoting people to defecate more quickly. The vegetables and fruits that can improve constipation are: ripe banana, apple, celery, carrot, grapefruit, walnut, walnut kernel, brown rice, sweet potato, etc.

Second: regular defecation in the morning, regular defecation, toilet in the morning or after breakfast. As the colon propulsion after breakfast is more active and easy to start defecation, the best defecation time is about one hour after breakfast. Don't neglect convenience, let alone endure inconvenience. More importantly, squatting time should not be too long, which not only increases abdominal pressure, but also brings difficulties to lower limb reflux. It's better to use the toilet to defecate. After defecation, wash the perineum and anus with the hip basin without squatting. It's not only sanitary, but also can avoid squatting for a long time to increase intra-abdominal pressure.

Third: in addition to the above two points, we should drink more water at ordinary times. This is because water in the human body plays a role in moistening the intestines. If the lack of water, the formation of stool is dry and hard, so can not discharge. It's easy to have constipation. Especially after eating a lot of dry food, snacks, flour and other foods with high fiber content, we should supplement enough water for digestion.

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Through the above introduction of what tea women drink for constipation, I believe you now have a certain understanding of this, and often eat foods conducive to defecation, including fungus, leek, spinach, celery, white radish, water bamboo, etc. For people with weak stomach, it can supplement pig blood, red beans, black sesame and other nutritious food to promote detoxification.