Vitiligo improved symptoms?

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For vitiligo, this stubborn skin disease, we may not be unfamiliar with, there are some difficulties in the treatment, and the course of disease is long, if not treated properly, it is easy to relapse, so patients should be treated in time. In order to reduce the damage of the disease to patients, some patients with vitiligo by insisting on treatment, leukoplakia more and more light, do not know whether it has improved. Vitiligo improved symptoms? Next, I'd like to share my views with you.

Vitiligo improved symptoms?

The number of white spots decreased. One of the symptoms of aggravation is the increase in the number of leukoplakia. On the contrary, the obvious symptom of improvement is the decrease in the number of leukoplakia and the decrease in the area of leukoplakia. Whether it is sporadic vitiligo or generalized vitiligo, leukoplakia is not only limited to a certain part, but the generalized vitiligo is all over the body with a large area. When the patient's condition is improved, The symptom that can be distinguished by naked eye is the change of white spot number and area.

Pigment bands appeared. When vitiligo starts to improve, it usually starts to change from the edge of the white spot. There are some scattered dot like normal skin color on the edge of the white spot, which is called pigmentation band. But because the recovery of melanin takes a certain time, so patients should continue to insist on treatment at this time, and strictly prevent all kinds of harmful stimulation in daily life, then slowly these dot like pigment islands will gradually connect and become the pigment band.

The color of white spots became lighter. Another obvious symptom of vitiligo improvement is that the color of white spots becomes lighter. After the patients get scientific and systematic treatment and reasonable prevention, vitiligo will be improved. The color of white spots begins to fade gradually, from dark cloud white and pure white to light white. Generally, the color of white spots begins to fade from the edge of white spots, Then it will gradually advance to the center of the white spot. This is also an obvious symptom of vitiligo.

matters needing attention

When suffering from vitiligo, don't rush to a doctor. Be sure to remember to go to a professional skin disease hospital for treatment. At the same time, do a good job in scientific nursing. Usually, pay more attention to the changes of vitiligo, communicate with the attending doctor in time, understand the symptoms of vitiligo, and cure vitiligo as soon as possible.