Symptoms of suppurative encephalitis

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Acute purulent meningitis, also known as meningitis, is a kind of soft meningitis caused by purulent bacteria, or the patient's arachnoid may also have inflammation. Once the patient has meningitis, your patient's cerebrospinal fluid and the patient's ventricle will also have a series of acute inflammatory reactions. The symptom of purulent encephalitis, below I tell everybody.

Symptoms of suppurative encephalitis

Purulent meningitis is a serious disease, because purulent meningitis is a serious intracranial infection, despite the improvement of medicine, so there is the development and use of antibiotics. However, the mortality and fatality rate of acute purulent meningitis are relatively high, and the disability rate is very high.

The early symptoms of adult meningitis are fulminant and acute. The early symptoms of adult meningitis are similar to those of children in acute stage. Adults also have symptoms of frequent fever and severe headache.

Adult meningitis patients will vomit, and even adult meningitis patients will have the symptoms of general convulsions, and even different degrees of conscious disturbance. Severe adult meningitis patients will also have the symptoms of neck stiffness. And the patient can have the history of upper respiratory tract infection before onset

matters needing attention

Adult meningitis patients should not eat spicy food, but also need to maintain a healthy immune system, patients need to prevent re infection of meningitis, should eat low-fat food, need high fiber nutritious food.