Can pertussis heal itself

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Pertussis is a disease that children often suffer from. It lasts for a long time and may endanger their lives. Let's talk about whether pertussis can heal itself.

Can pertussis heal itself

First of all, children with pertussis are not cured without treatment. Parents must not mistakenly think that it will delay the best treatment time of their children and enter the misunderstanding of treatment. Pertussis is a common respiratory infectious disease in children. Its clinical feature is a series of repeated spasmodic cough with echo.

Then if there is no timely treatment, the course of disease can reach more than 2 ~ 3 months, so it is called "pertussis". Pertussis has serious complications. The younger the patient is, the more likely he is to have complications, such as pneumonia, which greatly affects the child's health.

Finally, active treatment can shorten the course of disease, alleviate the disease and relieve symptoms to a certain extent. The onset of pertussis, there is a certain degree of infectious, through the spread of droplets brought out when coughing, children should wear masks, and to prevent transmission to other children.

matters needing attention

When children with pertussis go out in life, they should wear a mask, drink more water and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. When they cough, the pathogen spreads with the droplets, and the susceptible person is infected by the droplets. Due to the weak viability of the bacteria in vitro, the possibility of indirect transmission is small.