What symptom does second liver have

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We know that there are many patients suffering from this small three Yang disease of hepatitis B in our life. Everyone knows that the harm of this disease is very serious, and there is a certain degree of infectivity. At this time, we should pay attention to avoid infecting family members and friends. Because many hepatitis B patients are in the late stage when they go to the hospital for examination, it is very difficult to treat them at this time, so it is necessary to pay attention to the prevention of infection In order to avoid the occurrence of this situation, we need to learn about the symptoms of hepatitis B, then the hepatitis B small three Yang what symptoms? This disease is also one of the most distressing diseases. Next, I will talk about the symptoms of this disease, hoping to help you.

What symptom does second liver have

Symptom 1: the first one is the face of the patient with liver disease. The skin of the patient with hepatitis B is dry and dark. Due to certain damage to the adrenal cortex function, skin pigmentation can be seen on the face and other exposed parts of some patients with chronic hepatitis B, especially around the orbit.

Symptom 2: there is the problem of jaundice. Jaundice is caused by the disorder of bile pigment metabolism in our patients, which leads to the increase of bilirubin concentration in our blood and slowly infiltrates into our body tissues, especially the sclera and skin dyed yellow.

Symptom 3: there is this chronic hepatitis B small three Yang patients on both sides of the palm edge and finger end is red, pressure fading, due to the imbalance of hormone ratio in patients with hepatitis B small three yang, resulting in palm and chest small blood vessels dilation, at this time appear liver palm and spider nevus is very common.

matters needing attention

Finally, we want to say that the problem of hepatitis B small three Yang needs every patient's special attention. After all, the damage of this disease is very big, and it can be well controlled through treatment.