How does adult prickly heat treat?

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Prickly heat is a kind of skin disease, often appears in summer, many babies are easy to suffer from prickly heat, but this disease is not the patent of children, many adults also have prickly heat, also known as adult prickly heat, because of the hot weather in summer, the body is easy to sweat a lot, but the sweat can not evaporate quickly, leading to sweat blocking the sweat duct, causing some prickly heat. Prickly heat belongs to skin disease, is an inflammatory skin disease, patients should take measures in time, because prickly heat is also very uncomfortable, initially itching, slowly will feel tingling, the following is to introduce: adult prickly heat how to treat?

How does adult prickly heat treat?

Keep the room well ventilated and cool at all times, which is conducive to reducing sweating and sweat evaporation. Tell your husband not to scratch, 2 to prevent secondary infection. Often to scrub prickly heat, and then with a special product to scrub prickly heat treatment. Drink plenty of water and eat light food that is not easy to catch fire.

And change wet clothes in time. You can always keep your skin clean and dry, and often use dry towel to wipe sweat or warm water to take a bath frequently. You should pay attention to hygiene. After being dry, apply talcum powder on your body, and apply heat rash powder on the parts prone to sweating.

As the weather is very hot in summer, your husband is very easy to sweat. According to your description of the patient, I think your husband has heat rash. Prickly heat can form small pustules. If the nursing is improper, the consequences will be very serious, and your husband will suffer more crimes. Therefore, it is necessary to treat in time to avoid occurrence.

matters needing attention

Matters needing attention: it is suggested that you pay attention to skin hygiene, take a bath frequently and change clothes frequently. Don't play in the hot sun, don't eat too much, eat less sugar and high-fat food, people who are easy to have rash should dry after bathing, and then apply a little talcum powder or rash powder.