How is leg Gout Treated

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Gout is a disease caused by high concentration of uric acid in the body due to purine metabolism disorder, which is mainly manifested as local abnormal pain. This kind of disease occurs more in men, and it is easier to relapse in winter. The main means of prevention and treatment of this disease is to reduce the intake of purine containing food and the production of uric acid, and make these superfluous things out. So although this disease is more difficult to treat, but as long as in daily life to do the following points, and with the corresponding drug treatment, or can be cured.

How is leg Gout Treated

First: "limit". The reason for gout is mentioned above. Starting from this, gout patients should eat less foods with high purine content, which mainly include animal viscera, fish and meat. Gout patients usually can choose the right amount of fresh pork, fresh water fish and milk to supplement protein, and should eat more fresh vegetables.

Second: "caution.". Alcohol is especially easy to cause acute gout, because the alcohol in alcohol can promote the decomposition of purine and increase uric acid. Especially beer contains a lot of purine. Therefore, patients with gout can only reduce the incidence of gout by abstaining from alcohol.

Third: "minus.". People who get ventilation usually suffer from diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension, etc. Although gout is not directly related to these, obesity is their common cause. So in fact, weight loss is gout can be controlled, but weight loss to follow the correct method, a month up to lose 2 jin.

matters needing attention

People suffering from gout should pay special attention to keep warm and avoid cold when the weather changes; if there are other diseases, they must consult a doctor when choosing medication, and regularly check the blood uric acid.