What is the effect of Zhenqi Fuzheng granule

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When it comes to Zhenqi Fuzheng granule, many people are very unfamiliar with it, so they don't know what its function is. Recently, I specially studied it. Now I'll tell you about the efficacy of Zhenqi Fuzheng granule.

What is the effect of Zhenqi Fuzheng granule

First, Zhenqi Fuzheng granule can improve human immune function, protect bone marrow and adrenal cortex, so people with poor immunity can take it.

Second, Zhenqi Fuzheng granule can be used for deficiency damage caused by various diseases; combined with surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, it can promote the recovery of normal function.

Third, Zhenqi Fuzheng granule is composed of Ligustrum lucidum and Astragalus membranaceus, one of which can nourish yin and blood, the other can replenish qi.

matters needing attention

Although the role of Zhenqi Fuzheng granule is so great, we should also pay attention not to take it at will, so as not to cause harm to the body.