Is liver cancer saliva infectious

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My grandfather suffered from liver cancer, he is very painful, pain every day can't sleep, is in hospital, our family take turns to take care of him, my grandfather and I often drink water with a water cup, a lot of friends often doubt whether liver cancer will be transmitted to me through saliva? At the beginning, I also had such concerns, but now I understand that many friends will have such concerns. Now I'd like to share some experience with you!

Is liver cancer saliva infectious

First of all, liver cancer is not contagious, so don't worry. So far, we can say for sure that cancer is not contagious. The so-called infection, in short, is a disease from one person through a certain way of transmission to another person. There are three conditions for infection: source of infection, route of transmission and susceptible population. All of them are indispensable. Cancer patients themselves are not the source of infection.

Second, liver cancer is not contagious, but there are certain genetic factors. Advanced liver cancer is very difficult to cure, only through a variety of methods of comprehensive treatment. For example, using percutaneous argon helium cryoablation of primary lesions and metastatic lesions, to achieve similar local surgical resection effect. Combined with chemotherapy or targeted therapy to achieve the best therapeutic effect, reduce symptoms and prolong life. The effect is better than radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Finally, when suffering from liver cancer, we should actively cooperate with doctors for treatment, so that patients can have a proper amount of sex. Surgical resection is recommended in the early and middle stage of liver cancer. The treatment of advanced cancer is mainly based on traditional Chinese medicine. Pay attention to the regular life, especially the regular diet. Systematic traditional Chinese medicine treatment can increase the incidence of cancer.

matters needing attention

Getting cancer is not as terrible as you think. On the basis of cooperating with the doctor's treatment, you should pay more attention to your diet and eat more vegetables and fruits. Cruciferae is the most anti-cancer vegetable. Broccoli is internationally recognized as the best anti-cancer fungus. Lentinus edodes and Grifola frondosa are the best fungi. They contain component D, which can effectively improve immunity and anti-cancer. Let the autoimmune tissue fight cancer. It can prolong the survival of patients and control the recurrence and metastasis of cancer cells.