What environmental factors can cause vitiligo

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The year before last, I suffered from the damned leukoplakia. My family took me to visit many professional hospitals, but they didn't cure the leukoplakia completely. Let me tell you about the environmental factors that can cause vitiligo.

What environmental factors can cause vitiligo

The first reason is: about what causes vitiligo, there are the following: genetic factors, mental and neurological factors, chemical factors, tyrosinase, copper ion relative lack of factors, infection factors, trauma factors and so on. Therefore, the pathogenesis of vitiligo is multifaceted.

The second reason is: there are many predisposing factors for the onset of vitiligo, such as melanin self destruction, imbalance of trace element proportion, autoimmunity, trauma infection, mental pressure, etc., which can cause the disease, some are caused by one inducing factor, some are caused by a variety of predisposing factors.

The third reason is: the pathogenesis of vitiligo is more complex, including autoimmune theory, melanocyte self destruction theory, neurochemical factor theory, genetic factors, trace element changes and mental factors, microcirculation disorders, diet, mood, alcohol and tobacco, drug stimulation, mechanical stimulation, surgery, trauma, and so on.

matters needing attention

Leukoplakia patients should avoid a large amount of vitamin C intake, in the usual diet to avoid high VC food diet, in order to avoid the normal production of melanin in the body, patients should also actively understand the various pathologies of leukoplakia, so as to help more effective treatment.