Why insomnia

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Everyone needs sleep every day. Most people spend more than a third of their lives sleeping. Have a good sleep, can make the whole day have good mental vitality. The key to a good sleep is the quality of sleep, including the time and depth of sleep. Insomnia is the cause of sleep deprivation in most people. Some people are very confused, why insomnia. Today I would like to talk about the causes of insomnia

Why insomnia

Spiritual reasons: with the acceleration of the pace of modern life, many people are in a high state of tension, anxiety and depression because of work competition and various contradictions. It's the brain that's active and it's hard to rest.

Physical diseases: some diseases will be accompanied by insomnia symptoms, such as mental weakness, hypertension, tumor, cerebrovascular disease, tuberculosis, coronary heart disease, liver disease, hyperthyroidism, etc. Drink: excessive drinking, tea and coffee, a refreshing drink, makes the brain in an excited state and causes insomnia

Age factor: insomnia is closely related to age, the older the incidence of insomnia is, the higher. The elderly sleep shallower, more urine, wake up more times, so that the symptoms of insomnia is also aggravated. When mental workers use their brains excessively, especially when students are nervous, they are prone to insomnia. The noisy and noisy living environment can also cause insomnia.

matters needing attention

Adjust sleep habits: adjusting sleep habits for the treatment of primary insomnia is the most important point, patients should restore normal biological rhythm, because sleep time is different from person to person, shorter sleep time does not have much impact on the human body. Find the cause of insomnia, the corresponding reduction, so that the brain quickly into sleep