What reason is female student lip hair much

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In men's body, there will be lip hair. In women's body, there will also be lip hair. Lip hair is actually some sweat hair on people's lips. Men's long lip hair will make men more sexy in the future, but women's long lip hair will become more ugly. Therefore, once women find that they have lip hair, they will try their best to remove it Drop, and if women eat something, it will also reduce the growth of lip hair, but also make the body more healthy. Let's take a look at the following.

What reason is female student lip hair much

First: if women drink more soybean milk in their daily life, it can slow down the growth of lip hair. That's because after drinking soybean milk, their endocrine function will return to normal, so that the adrenal hormone in the body will not be secreted too much, resulting in too fast growth of lip hair.

Second: when women's lips have some thick black hair, women can use some methods to get rid of it. They can use men's razor to get rid of it. But when people are shaving, they must pay attention not to hurt their skin, so as not to leave scars.

Third: Women's lips have lip hair, people can also use some depilatory agents, these depilatory agents can make their hair fall off, if you use some hair removal methods, you should pay attention to the treatment of the wound, so as not to cause suppuration.

matters needing attention

If you want to stop the lip hair in women's body to continue to grow, people can destroy the hair follicle, can carry out surgery damage, but should choose some regular hospital to carry out this small operation.