What causes hair to fall off

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It's inevitable that you will get sick. Every time you comb your hair, you can get rid of it one by one. No matter what, you should know that there are hairlines everywhere on the floor, clothes and bedding. The hairline is getting higher and higher, and the hair is getting rarer and rarer. Now you start to panic. Here are three common reasons why women lose their hair.

What causes hair to fall off

Reason 1: Foam shampoo in hair. Shampoo must be in the palm of the hand to bubble up. This is a big mistake. It's like using cleansing cream. It is best to rub the rich foam in the palm of your hand before it will remain easily, and better dissolve dirt. Shampoo is also a reason. Squeeze it on your hair and rub it. First, at the root of your scalp. Secondly, foam is used to block the friction of hair, and how to protect it by rubbing hair out of foam. If the bubble is not too good to fight, drop a few drops of water, the hands are hollow and fast friction. It's hard to make bubbles in your palm, just hit the scalp again, and add another word. Try not to go to the salon dry cleaning as much as possible.

Reason 2: pile your hair on the top of your head and rub it to clean your head. Literacy: brush your hair from top to bottom. Don't stress to me how gentle you are when you wash your hair, because it's not proper to rub your hair. Keep in mind that if you wash your hair from top to bottom, you will never have a chance to make trouble. This effect is immediate, and the softness is comparable to using conditioner! Wash hands open first, Jackie Chan claw hand shape, and then inserted between the hair from top to bottom. After trying this move, according to many people's feedback, the hair is not as tangled as before.

Reason 3: less scalp washing can reduce the loss of hair. Literacy: more than usual, I rub my scalp. When I wash my hair, I can't touch my scalp. I'm afraid I'll lose more. In fact, they have fallen off when the hair is dry, and only with the lubrication of conditioner can they fall off. Hair loss should be a good clean scalp, especially oily scalp, thoroughly clean the pores of the hair follicles, will foster a more robust new hair. Use your finger belly to massage more forcefully, push your skin instead of scratching.

matters needing attention

When work pressure is high, you will find that the scalp on the side of the temple is very tight, indicating that it is becoming sensitive, and the weather will also double the pressure on the scalp. If you are used to braiding your hair, you should loosen it properly at this time, and more long hair is scattered. Because hair will let scalp blood circulation is not smooth, sensitivity and hair loss will be more serious.